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2018 Oshawa FireFit volunteers needed!

The Scott FireFit GTA Regional Championship is returning to Oshawa, August 24 to 26,
The Scott FireFit GTA Regional Championship event has been so successful since
selecting Oshawa to host in 2016,2017, 2018 that Oshawa has  since been selected to
host the 2019 Scott FireFit National Championship. None of this success would be
possible without the continued support of our Volunteers.
Here is a snapshot of some of the key milestones from the 2016 and 2017 events that
we hosted: 
• Over 10,000 guests attended in 2016 and 2017.
• 2016 and 2017 events sold out prior to event dates with a waiting list.
• Over 700 competitors from 8 provinces participated in the competition.
• Over $25,000 was raised for the Firehouse Subs Foundation.
•  A total of $10,000 was awarded to the City of Oshawa’s Junior Firefighter
• Great feedback from families, sponsors, competitors , volunteers and community
• Equipment was donated to Oshawa Fire Services to help in community protection,
prevention and education, along with other fire departments across Durham Region.
•  An Automated External Defibrillator was donated to Peacock Lumber Ltd. in 2016.
The 2018 event is already creating a buzz in our community. Once again,
firefighters, guests and dignitaries from across the Durham Region, Ontario, Canada
and international countries will descend upon Oshawa to experience the first class
hospitality that the Oshawa FireFit event has become known for - but we cannot do it
without your support.  We are requesting your help to once again, showcase your
professionalism and enthusiasm to the hundreds of competitors and thousands of
guests that will be in attendance and to make this year's event even bigger and
better than before.
We will again require Volunteers for the following days:
Thursday August 23 - Morning - Set up 
Friday August 24 - Evening ( we are also hoping to have a team of volunteers compete
in the charity relay. details to follow.)
Saturday August 25 - All Day - Individual Races
Sunday August 26 - All Day - Relays, Tandems, Tear down 
We appreciate your time and consideration towards supporting our event again in
2018. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.
Should you wish to be removed from further correspondence please let me know. 
Final Individual Event Race of 2017:
Kids Zone HIT of 2017:
Thank you,
Andrew McCuaig
Oshawa Firefit Event Committee - Volunteer Coordiantor
905 242 6648

2018 FFAO Annual Convention News!

It has been officially announced that RS Rescue will be conducting the heavy rescue course for the August FFAO (Firefighter Association of Ontario) convention being held in Grand Valley, Ontario.  A whole bunch of awesome training courses being held that week (July 30-Aug4, 2018). Details on all the training courses can be found at , or by checking out their FB page here, or emailing the Grand Valley Fire Chief directly at  Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions about it.  

*Update* Second date, Aug 2, 2018 added as Aug 1 course has sold out!!!

“How should I post my technical rescue courses on my resume?”

We get asked quite often “How I should list technical rescue courses on my resume?”.  Without trying to deal with always and nevers, we normally suggest a format similar to this and we will explain why.  

Recommended format should be similar to this:

Company Name, NFPA standard (as on certificate), Discipline 

     Level achieved                                                         MM/YYYY

     Level achieved                                                         MM/YYYY


RS Rescue, NFPA 1670, Vehicle Extrication

     Awareness Level                                                03/2016 or Mar/2016

     Operations Level                                               03/2016

*What ever your date format you decide, keep it the same throughout your resume.

If you are listing different technical rescue disciplines from the same company:

RS Rescue 

     NFPA 1670, Vehicle Extrication 

          Awareness Level                                             03/2016

          Operations Level                                            03/2016

     NFPA 1006, Machinery Rescue

          Level 1                                                               11/2015

Question: “Should I list all my NFPA certificates or just the highest level achieved?”

Answer: If you have a certificate that is NFPA compliant, list it on your resume.  Some may assume that if you have a technician level certificate, that you have the awareness and operations level as well. Unless you can provide a certificate for all levels, you won’t receive the marks for it.

We have been told by several fire service reps over the years that listing the NFPA standard on your resume is very important.  Often times, an HR rep is reviewing your resume, and not a fire service rep.  These representatives will have a criteria to follow when scoring your resume.  Now you may know your certificate reads NFPA compliant, but unless you list it, you may not be receiving credit for it.  

I have personally received phone calls from senior fire service reps, from various fire departments, stating that the person they interviewed recently did not receive marks for courses they had taken.  One of those phone calls was in between candidate interviews.  This was because they did not do something as simple as mark down the NFPA standard on their resume.  Ultimately, the candidate could have received a higher resume score, and hence, an interview sooner.

Few recommend tips for your resume:

  1. Don’t lie.  We know people…
  2. Change your ridiculous email address
  3. Make sure there are no spelling or grammatical issues
  4. Identity accomplishments, not job descriptions

Make it easy for the rep who is reviewing it.  You should have a  standard format which will make it easy to read.  You want the person reviewing it to be able to read it, find the marks you have worked hard for, and allocate them accordingly to your resume.  Your resume should be a reflection of you.  The amount of time you spend on it will be apparent when it is reviewed.  Take the time to make your first impression a good one!