NFPA 1006 – 2021 Edition HVR Operations Level – May 16, 2021

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About this event:

Created by RS Rescue

207239 Highway 9, Mono, ON
CAD 400.00


RS Rescue’s NFPA 1006 compliant Technician Level extrication program will get you experience on large commercial vehicle stabilization and advanced heavy vehicle extrication techniques.  This course will introduce students to a variety of truck and trailer safety features, vehicle construction components and how to utilize built in vehicle systems to aid in your rescue efforts.  High and low pressure lifts bags will be introduced as well as advanced extrication techniques.  This course will not disappoint!  

This course includes hands on training for EVERY TOOL AVAILABLE AT THIS LEVEL!   RS Rescue does not, and will never run a “This is how you would use this tool.” type program.  

An NFPA 1006 Technician Level certificate will be provided upon successful completion of all NFPA 1006 components.

Once completed, students are eligible to become associate instructors with RS Rescue.  Click here if you’re interested in becoming an associate instructor!

Student Requirements: