NFPA 1006 – 2021 Edition CPVR Operations Level – August 17, 2023 (Weekday Course)

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About this event:

Created by RS Rescue

207239 Highway 9, Mono, ON
CAD 400.00


This course includes hands on training for EVERY TOOL AVAILABLE AT THIS LEVEL!  RS Rescue does not, and will never run a “This is how you would use this tool.” type program.

This course will build on the skills acquired from the NFPA 1006 Awareness Level Common Passenger Vehicle Rescuecourse and cover all NFPA 1006 Chapter 8 CPVR Operations Level requirements that include:

  • Site control and scene management
  • General hazards associated with vehicle search and rescue incidents
  • Traffic control
  • Size up of existing and potential conditions at vehicle search and rescue incidents
  • Identifying probable victim locations and survivability
  • Making the search and rescue area safe
  • Identifying and controlling hazards presented by the vehicle, its position, or its systems
  • Identifying, containing, and stopping fuel release
  • Initial and ongoing size up considerations
  • Support operations and resources
  • Hydraulic tool use, care and inspection
  • Protecting a victim during extrication or disentanglement
  • Packaging a victim prior to extrication or disentanglement


Space is limited to ensure personal attention for each student and lots of hands on tool time. This program incorporates all NFPA 1006 Operations Level Vehicle Rescue requirements. Upon successful completion of all of these requirements, an NFPA 1006 CPVR Operations Level compliant certificate will be issued.