NFPA 1006 – 2021 Edition MR Operations Level – October 12, 2024

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About this event:

Created by RS Rescue

207239 Highway 9, Mono, ON
CAD 400.00


During this 8 hour one day course, students will be introduced to the various stages of machinery accidents and learn how to safely and efficiently navigate through these stages in a team environment. You will learn how to identify and isolate potential hazards to both you and the patient.  Focus will be on systematic scene management approaches, an assortment of stabilization techniques and of course, extrication options!

You and your crew will go through step by step training evolutions on the safe use of a variety of pneumatic, electric and hand tools.  The afternoon portion of the day will include real time staged scenarios for you and your crew to tackle!  Space is limited to ensure personal attention for each student and lots of hands on tool time. This program incorporates all NFPA 1006-2021 Edition Operations Level Requirements.  Upon successful completion of all of theNFPA requirements, an NFPA 1006-2021 Edition compliant Operations Level Machinery Rescue certificate will be issued.