HVR Operations Level – Weight Estimation

HVR Operations Level – Weight Estimation

In this section, you will learn to calculate approximate weights of a variety of different products and vehicles.  The formula you will use is the following:

Length in feet (L) times (X) Width in feet (W) times (X) Height in feet (H) times (X) Product weight/cubic foot(PW) = Total Approximate Weight in pounds (TAW)

Looks like this: LxWxHxPW= TAW

Example: An aluminum object that is 6′ long, 3′ wide and 2′ tall.  

Aluminum weighs 169lbs/cubic foot




Product Weight Reference Chart (lbs/cubic foot)

Concrete 150 

Structural Steel 490

Aluminum 170

Dry Wood 35


Please complete the quiz below using the chart above as a product weight reference.

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