NFPA 1006 Heavy Vehicle Rescue

NFPA 1006 Heavy Vehicle Rescue


NFPA 1006 Heavy Vehicle Rescue Awareness Level

RS Rescue’s NFPA 1006 – 2021 Edition HVR Awareness Level 

RS Rescue’s NFPA 1006 HVR Awareness Level online course, students will be lead through the initial stages of heavy vehicle rescue objectives and firefighter safety concerns.  We will deliver this as a two part program.  First part is online similar to our previous pre course components.  Focus is on the knowledge sets required by the NFPA 1006 standard.  A series of videos followed up with section tests.  Second part, will be an interactive, one on one session with Lead Instructor, John O’Blenis.  This will be booked once part 1 is completed.  


NFPA 1006 Heavy Vehicle Rescue Operations Level 

RS Rescue’s NFPA 1006 – 2021 Edition HVR Operations Level 

This course includes hands on training for EVERY TOOL AVAILABLE AT THIS LEVEL!  RS Rescue does not, and will never run a “This is how you would use this tool.” type program. 

RS Rescue’s NFPA 1006 – 2021 Edition Heavy Vehicle Rescue Operations Level course will have you introduced to a variety of large/heavy commercial vehicles, their systems and the challenges they present to the modern day rescuer.   This hands on one day course will have you stabilizing and extricating on heavy vehicles including bus and transport truck!

As part of a team, you will also learn to act as a Rescue Sector Officer (RSO) for portions of the training. As part of the RSO introduction and development, you will learn the importance of maintaining crew safety and the development of stabilization and extrication plans. These advanced skills taught will shape students to begin working as part of an advanced vehicle rescue team. Upon completion of all skill sets, you and your now ready to respond crew will engage in real time staged multi-vehicle extrication scenarios.

NFPA 1006 Heavy Vehicle Rescue Technician Level

This course is under construction to ensure compliance with the recently revised NFPA 1006 – 2021 Edition.  We have created a wait list for you to add your name to if you’re interested in the course.