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RS Rescue’s NFPA 1006 HVR Awareness Level online course, students will be lead through the initial stages of common passenger vehicle rescue objectives and firefighter safety concerns.  We will deliver this as a two part program.  First part is online similar to our previous pre course components.  Focus is on the knowledge sets required by the NFPA 1006 standard.  A series of videos followed up with section tests.  Second part, will be an interactive, one on one session with Lead Instructor John O’Blenis.  This will be booked once part 1 is completed.  

This program incorporates all NFPA 1006 – 2021 Edition HVR Awareness Level requirements.  Upon successful completion of all of these requirements, an NFPA 1006 -2021 compliant HVR Awareness Level certificate will be issued.




This course covers all NFPA 1006- 2021 Edition Chapter 8 CPVR Awareness Level requirements that include:

  • Site control and scene management
  • General hazards associated with heavy vehicle search and rescue incidents
  • Traffic control
  • Size up of existing and potential conditions at heavy vehicle search and rescue incidents
  • Identifying probable victim locations and survivability
  • Making the search and rescue area safe
  • Identifying and controlling hazards presented by the vehicle, its position, or its systems
  • Identifying, containing, and stopping fuel release
  • Patient protection and removal.



No pre-requisite for this course.

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$100 + HST


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